Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Baraka House

Welcome to the Baraka House, which is based on a concept, called the "The Tree", which I "engineered" as the underlying support of this uniquely designed house. The sole purpose of "the tree" is to enable a flowing, unterrupted floor space with stereoscopic, unobstructed, exterior views made possible by the "tree's" core design, where all the vital "guts" of the house are interred. These "guts" comprises the kitchen, bathrooms, stairs, storage, mechanicals, etc. that are vital to the functioning of the house, yet take up only 30 percent of floor space on each level. The illustration, above, shows the back of the house, which is actually the house's entrance. The "front" view of the house, being at the rear, is shown in the following illustration:

The "tree" design, below, is the support structure of the Baraka House, and is based on the basic design of a tree, where you have a trunk from which supporting branches emanated, to support, in turn, leaves, from which the tree gathers its substanance. The Baraka House is based on this devinely creative concept where, instead of a trunk, you have four pillars, from each of which cantilever support beams emanated to support the floor(s), which in turn supports the lives of the house's dwellers who make the house a home. The "Tree" is shown in the following illustration:

(c) Copyright 2008 by Walter O. Neal

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Digital Camera: 2117 c.e.

An exotic, custom made digital camera from the late 20th century.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Anti-Grav Mobile: 484. a.t. (2454) c.e.

This anti-grav mobile was recently spotted being piloted across the Martian plains by Hyrynis, the replicant who is 9th mate to Kharmyn, High Priestess of 'The Believers'. The existence of this revolutionary means of travel came about when Kharmyn, at a loss as to what to present her mate on his 14th birthday, approached her old friend and quantum engineer, the ultra-tech, Dr. Yons Didec 4, and commissioned him to design a recreational vehicle that would bring joy to her Hyrynis. The vehicle not only was a 'hit' with Hyrynis, but to his friends and their friends as well. The exponential growth rate of this RV's admirers grew to where it promised a lucrative marketing product. Kharmyn, with her deep pockets, had a factory constructed on a large asteroid in orbit around Mars, and went into production as a private venture capitalist. After a year, she went public, and two years later, sold her company to Gates Space Enterprises for 544 Twillion credits!

PC: 2152 c.e.

In the 22nd century, the advancements made in the low-resistance technologies have resulted in softscreens eclipsing the conventional interface of LCD and plasma PCD's, and television. This personal computer was designed by AMKA Tek as a nostalgic 'tribute' to the technological breakthroughs during the late 21st century. Although the exterior shell of the PC looks ancient, the hidden technology mirrors the current technology of our 'Planetary Era' where the marriage between science, industry, and capitalism has given us an information-enriched world, where poverty has been eradicated, the demarcation of nationalistic lines erased, and the opportunity to develop one's highest potential is available to every 'Citizen of Earth'. The mining of this unlimited treasure of minds have resulted in a cultural, artistic, and scientific renaissance. Many technologies, including many never imagined, have exploded into a high art, where their products now infuse all levels of life (and non-life)! For example, NBMs, or nanobiomechs, have made humans healthier, giving us a life span of 145 years! This same technology, and others have made us more connected in our work and play. The universal unlearning of xenophobia, as well as all phobias, have erased our fears of those who are 'different'. As a result, we have discovered our common humanity, becoming 'more human' in the process! Dependence on fossil fuel is now ancient history--having long go given way to hydrogen fuel, solar energy, quantum technologies--making the private automobile a thing of the past. Developments in the fields of full-immersion virtual reality, particle-wave DIR (dissolution/integration/resolution), have made travel, both virtual and real, as easy as pushing a button. The basis of these technological breakthroughs were the 'Singularities' of the late 21st century, becoming possible only after mankind, with great effort and courage, found the resolve to throw off the shackles of religious and nationalistic constraints, and tuned our collective 'emotional intelligence' to work for the betterment of all sentient and non-sentient inhabitants of Earth. Next up, "A New Way to Go".